Source code for pexpect.exceptions

"""Exception classes used by Pexpect"""

import traceback
import sys

[docs]class ExceptionPexpect(Exception): '''Base class for all exceptions raised by this module. ''' def __init__(self, value): super(ExceptionPexpect, self).__init__(value) self.value = value def __str__(self): return str(self.value) def get_trace(self): '''This returns an abbreviated stack trace with lines that only concern the caller. In other words, the stack trace inside the Pexpect module is not included. ''' tblist = traceback.extract_tb(sys.exc_info()[2]) tblist = [item for item in tblist if ('pexpect/__init__' not in item[0]) and ('pexpect/expect' not in item[0])] tblist = traceback.format_list(tblist) return ''.join(tblist)
[docs]class EOF(ExceptionPexpect): '''Raised when EOF is read from a child. This usually means the child has exited.'''
[docs]class TIMEOUT(ExceptionPexpect): '''Raised when a read time exceeds the timeout. '''